Friday, January 25, 2008

Why some people no backbone har?

Taking the train to school has been quite interesting considering that the fact that I am a supporter of cabs in Singapore for the past 2 years. With the considerable raising of living costs, I must cut down on transport expenses by order of the king of my house.

I cant understand why people HAVE to lean the poles of the MRT train?? The poles are for passengers to hold on to. Not for some people who need extra support to their body. I seriously cant understand why people will stand near the exit doors while there is so much space in the cart. They just refused to move. WE NEED SPACE FOR THE REST

MRT TRAINS are always packed with poeople, and sometimes I think it gave out a pungent smell. I guess I got to get used to it; seems I have no choice unless I strike toto!!

I am getting a new phone SAMSUNG D880 for sure!! Wait till I get my performance bonus in March 1st. hehe. This phone is so cool. It has two sim slots which is prefect for me. 1ST time I am trying out samsung phones. I hope it works for me, if not I have to change to another sony ericssion or nokia phone.