Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry for not updating for a few months..i have been busy with my work and with my children. Having a new member joining the family makes me happy and tired at the same time. I have been preparing myself with more reading up on parenting skills as I need to rejuvenate on my parenting skills as my kids are getting "WILDER". I dont really bother how my kids behave in public as they are full of energy and curiosity. I feel so old in keeping up with them. haha!

Eid mubarak is kinda of dead for our small family since my parents are not muslims. hehe. We brought the kids to eat ice cream and swensens, it was nice to bring them out for a family outing once in a while. My habibi has been cranky due to work stress. I told him its ALLAH(SWT), we have been together going through difficult times with HIS help. We should know our blessings.