Monday, October 20, 2008

A question that my 5 years old boy posted

My Boy posted a question to me a few days ago..he said, Allah creates many things in this world, did HE create himself?

I was a bit taken aback considering that he is still so young that he is able to ask such a deep question.

I told my boy in a calm manner that it was a disrespectful question. He is the creator, his knowledge is beyond our imagination. This question he has to ask Allah on the day of judgement.


Habayeb said... many kids do ask that...i would say He has always been there and is Eternal because if i say to my kid u can ask Him that on day of judgment..the kid will grow up thinking someone created Allah (naudhubillah) and then the whole aqeedah becomes wrong. Its actually hard when kids ask such Qd

Ahxuan said...

Salem Habayeb

Will that be so? hehe.

I guess we all wonder how Allah comes about. :)

We dont doubt his existence but maybe we could not know how He Exists.

Yunus Low said...

assalamualaikum sisters. allow me to add if i may.

it is tough enough trying to explain to a kid where baby comes from let alone the origin of our Creator :)

perhaps we should try to give an honest answer and leave it to Allah to evolve his understanding overtime.

The Creator has no beginning and has no end. He is Absolute and Eternal. To have a beginning and an end is to be transient. We as His creations are transient. To be created is to exist in the realm of time, space and matter which are all transient. As the Creator, He is not bounded by these transient entities. He is all Transcendent.

if i remember correctly, there is a hadith by prophet Muhammad pbuh, saying "the way to understand Allah is to not understand Him".

Allah knows best.