Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuffaha Readers Niche ( Singapore)

Salam all!

I have recieved quite a number of enquiries about Tuffaha Readers Niche for their kids. Alhamduillah!

 In Tuffaha Readers, we  develop our own way of teaching the kids English and Arabic phonics.  We used our self-developed Arabic program "TILAWATI" which is well recieved by parents and madrasahs educators.    We also emphasize on 1 student to 1 teacher "reading time" for the kids to pace their learning. The teachers are trained to be able to teach the right sounding (Makhraj and Tajweed) of the Arabic Alphabets.

Please forward all your enquiries to

Daily playgroups (Mon-Thurs) – 9am, 1030am and 3pm 

Weekends playgroups (Sat-Sun) – 830am, 10am, 1130am and 1pm

Registeration fee : $20.
Monthly fee : $95-$150 depends on the available timeslots.

The name of this program itself - ‘Tuffaha’ means ‘apple’ in Arabic. Tuffaha Readers’ Niche has strong language and phonics lessons, both in English and Arabic.

How to Register 
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Send an email  to :

1. Subject: "tuffaha”
2. Full name :
3. Time slot:
4. Child's age:
5. Contact number :

6. Referred via : ah xuan

Looking forward to have your child with us. :)

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