Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dettol vs Sol U Guard ( Melaleuca)

Every Singapore Household would buy dettol, that includes me.  Now I know what's brewing in my home.  Its time to change disinfectant.
Dettol has three main compounds: chloroxylenol, pine oil and castor oil.
Pine oil and castor oil are not considered toxic. But chloroxylenol is poisonous and should not be ingested.
While not considered that toxic to humans (unless swallowed), chloroxylenol does kill fish. Cleaning or washing with it can result in the some of it getting into our rivers and lakes.
It's become popular because it does kill a wide variety of microbes including bacteria, fungi and some superbugs. Natural equivalents would be tea tree oil or neem oil.
The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database ranks chloroxylenol as a mid-range toxic chemical that can cause burning, itching, rash, redness, or swelling. If you experience any of these symptoms you should stop using it immediately.

Sol-U-Guard Botanical
Section 1: Product & Company Information
Product: Sol-U-Guard Botanical.
Company: Melaleuca, Inc.
Contact Information: 800-742-8094; Household Cleaning Products, 
3910 South Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.
Emergency Telephone Number: Call local Poison Control Center.
Section 2: Hazards Identification
2.1 Emergency Overview
2.2 OSHA Regulatory Status
Sol-U-Guard Botanical is NOT hazardous within the meaning of the OSHA
Hazard Communication Standard.
2.3 Potential Health Effects
Eyes: No effect per FIFRA regulations.
Skin: No effect per FIFRA regulations.
Ingestion: No effect per FIFRA regulations.
Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: None known.
Interactions with Other Chemical Known to Enhance Toxicity: None known.
2.4 Potential Environmental Effects
Not applicable.
Section 3: Composition/Information on Ingredients
Contains thymol (present as a component of thyme oil).

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