Friday, February 1, 2008


Accompanied hubby to attend the NTUC FAME AWARDs 2007/08 last friday. After a long long day at work even on a friday (arrgh...), I had to travel to downtown east from woodlands. I nearly fell asleep in the train..

At first I thought it will be another boring entertainment session by oldies in Singapore. But to my atonishment, it was a great great eye opener, there is a lot of talented singers in Singapore..i mean those above 40s... My hubby's friend was one of the finalists who is an indian. But he sang chinese songs; impressive!! IT WAS LIKE SINGAPORE IDOL! I was looking for a video clip of the compeition but cant find one anywhere. NTUC should set up another website just on that since it will be a yearly event.

My hubby's friend didnt win the competition but the event was good.

One other thing I need to comment is that singaporeans are extremely honest. There was a lucky draw and silly event planners just asked the audience to put our tickets in the voting boxes for each contestant. Guess what, we dont even have the other portion of the ticket that we can keep for reference. So the poor minister (cant remember his name, ntuc chairman) kept waiting for the champion to draw a ticket after a ticket. The prize is $388 cash money!!! NO ONE IN THE AUDIENCE WENT UP TO COLLECT THE PRIZE, obviously. It was such a joke!!

I wanted to go up on stage to tell the MC the BIG EMBARASSING MISTAKE; but my hubby wanted to leave liao as it was almost 11pm...hmm...very blurred leh from a big organisation like that.

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