Monday, March 10, 2008

My bag is gone!!!

have been losing my wallets and my mobile phones since last September...10 times!! i just lost my mobile phone at home 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I came home after the BCI (2), left my entire bag in my wadrobe. I even took out the book that my religious teacher lent me before I go to bed to read. Ever since I lost my stuffs frequently, I placed a mirror in my wallet to prevent (jinn or toyol) to steal my things. I swear that my bag was in my wadrobe and guess what??!

IT WAS GONE THIS MORNING!!! I COULDNT FIND IT AT ALL!! I searched everywhere in my house but just couldnt find it. I have consulted many friends of mine, all fingers pointed at my maid, but I have confronted her many times also and today she even asked me to call the police as she didnt steal my bag.

This is just unbelievable !! I cant even believe it myself!! If the past stolen wallets and my mobile phones are the works of my maid, no one will be so stupid to take the entire bag!!

I have already done all possible things to stop the theft but this time its too much!

I suspect it is the work of jinn as it is just impossible for my entire bag just disappeared! As a person who is educated will try every possible mean based on science and logic to explain this but how to explain the disappearance of my bag. seriously no idea!!

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