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Jinn and humankind is created by Allah. In Quran, it is stated that the angels were created from light, the jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire and Adam was created from what has been described.

There is 3 types of jinn according to our prophet :

One that flies through th air, one that are snakes and dogs and one which stay in places and travel about.

Satan which Allah mentions in the quan is from the world of jinn. he used to worship Allah at the beginning of his creation and lived among the angels in the heavens. But then he disobeyed Allah when he refused to Prostrate to Adam out of pride, arrogance and envy. Therefore Allah threw him out of Paradise.

Satan is one of Allah’s creation and he has a mind, ability to understand, he moves and so forth. Our prophet told his companion, “do not bring me bones or dung for they are food for the jinn”.

Our prophet also informed us the devils eat with their left hands and he ordered us to be different from them in this respect.

“ whoever eats with his left hand, Satan eats with him. And whoever drinks with his left hand, Satan drinks with him. ”

All food without Allah’s name pronounced over it , will be eaten by the non believing jinn.

The residence of the jinn are usually among the ruins and dilapidated areas and the places where there are many impure things, such as bathroom, hashish dens, the places of the camels, cemeteries.

The abilities and strength of the jinn are speed and movement. One of the afreet of satanic jinn promised Prophet Solomon that he will bring back the throne of sheba to Jerusalem in a period of time that was so short that a man would be able to stand from his place of sitting. They are able to take on the shapes of humans and animals and also able to build buildings and move huge objects stated in the Quran.

Allah’s warning to us concerning Satan

The Quran warns us at length about Satan since he is such a great test for humanity. Allah warns humans about Satan’s misguidance and his desire to mislead people.

The enmity from Satan will no change or vanish. This is because Satan sees the father of the humans, Adam as he cause for his being expelled from paradise and he reason behind Allah’s curse upon Satan. There is no doubt that he will seek revenge from Adam and his offspring.

The goals of Satan

Satan's ultimate ambition is to see humans thrown into the hellfire and preventd from entering paradise.

Short term goals

1. To get the slave involved in disbelief and idolatry.
This is done by calling people to worship beings or idols other than Allah.

2. If he is not able to lead them to disbelief, he leads them to sins.
He then becomes pleased with things that are less than that such as sins and disobedience to Allah.

3. Blocking the slave from obeying Allah.
He tries to block the way to any good deed.

4. Ruining the Acts of Obedience to AAllah
Stan will do his best to ruin the act of obedience or worship by making such that the person will not recieve reward for the action.

5. Psychologically and physicall harming humans.
Satan has the ability to bring dreams to the human while he is sleeping to molest and distress the person in order to worry and harm him. When any human is born, Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers.

In conclusion, Satan orders and encourages every evil and strives his best for evil; he tries to forbid every good and in fact he fears every good deed.

Adapted from the book "The world of the Jinn and Devils" by Dr Umar Sulaiman Al- Ashqar

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