Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did we make a mistake in the way we preach?

Most time, preaching from the muslims do not approach using love but through threats.

" If u do this wrong, u will get punishment from hell". "ok so what" that will be the reply.

We cant convince ppl like that. In this world, we are tempted by many temptations, many will prefer to believe what they see rather than the unseen.

One of the articles of faith: A believer is to believe in the angels. We cant see angels, cos they belong to the unseen. Unless u r the chosen one that Allah will reveal it to u. :)

Thats why in other religions, if there is an event, there will BE thousands of ppl in churches or temples.. but seldom we can see thousands in mosques. :(

There is methodology of preaching in islam. The concept of love in preaching originates from islam. :) if you r going into the research of sunnah and hadiths of how Prophet Muhammad (pubh) , u will find methodology in preaching, they are yet being to put into practice.

We have to admit even the scholars are now starting to research in the methodology, this is a pressing issue in every scholar's Dawah efforts. Better to be late than sorry. :) Every muslim should possess great skills in dawah like what our early muslims did. (PROOF: 1.5BILLON muslims in the world)


We cant use hard approaches, it wont work on ppl now. We use love and patience. :) Islam also taught us how we should love animals and plants, so we should even love our brothers and sisters MORE for the sake of Allah.

If you know islam, u will know its the religion for all creatures. It's a beautiful religion, better than anything in the world. :)



sakinah said...

assalamualaikum, i love reading your blog and maybe you can share with us your journey to Islam.

Hajar said...


Hopped all the way here from Habayeb's blog ... ^^ Anyway, this article reminds me of no compulsion in religion. Effective da'wah I suppose comes when we portray to others, us as the epitome of Islam. in living it. :)

Ahxuan said...

salem hajar,

thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

U r right about living islam. :) However, in this 21st century, many of us are not doing it cos we dont have the knowledge. We only have one aspect of islam that is just pray 5 times a day, and not learning prophet muhammad's sunnahs. I just pray hard that we can guided in Islam by Allah. :)

Sacrifice4Allah said...

JazakiAllah khair for the nasiha! May Allah help the Ummah! Ameen.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.