Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you know the Quran?

That is a silly question, isnt it?

When I 1st read the transliteration of The Holy Quran, 6 years ago. I went like this, " har, what is this? Looks so difficult! ", "maybe I just read a few pages and see how".

Well, i did read it. 1st thought I have, hey that sounded like the ROMEO AND JULIET textbook I read when I was in secondary school. Ok I took literature so it should be easy for me. :P

Al fatihah is the 1st surah.





oK I should start reading HER WORLD magazine.

That is what happened to me.

Koran was in my bookshelf and hidden among the books until 2 years back I start reading the Quran again.

The Quran itself is already a miracle. Why did I say that? It is because every time I read the same surah over 3 different occasions, I gain new insights! Amazing what this little book can do! I wonder if I can master the arabic language then ah har, I can recite without problem with understanding!

Quran in plain english text means RECITE, UNDERSTAND AND APPLY.

Everyday, when we do our five prayers, did we make the effort to understand every word we utter or did we understand the meaning of each verse?

Some muslims share that even they pray 5 times a day, they dont gain peace.

But with understanding every letter we utter, we can feel what Allah is saying to us.

Come on, Allah is talking to us with the Quran. Isnt that a sweet thing to recite the Quran?

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum sister,mashaAllah good post. I agree,we should make an effort to understand the Qur'an. Alhamdulilah life is good with Islam regardless of our economic/social standing! Lovely blog, will be back inshaAllah!