Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dont stop seeking knowledge

There is a website for muslims to think share help. That is the motto for nasibriyani lounge.

It is a strictly english website (thank god!) since i dunno other languages.hehe.
This website allows members to ask questions or anything that they have in their minds. Latest question, I thought its funny! " Help, I've been attacked by Bedbugs."

This website gave the local muslim community a plateform to communicate and share ideas and to voice our opinions. We try not to give fatwa (sometimes cant be helped! ) If we do that, our post get deleted. (dont really like my posts to get deleted) Its freedom of speech!! haha. Like real!

Anyway, I got 4th prize in Nasibriyani lounge Questions and Answers. Thanks to Allah(swt)

Vote for me in nasibriyani lounge ya. I want to be in top 3 this year! haha. inshallah.

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